/muy"kreuh kluyn'/, n.
a mineral of the feldspar group, potassium aluminum silicate, KAlSi3O8, identical in composition with orthoclase but having triclinic instead of monoclinic crystals, used in making porcelain.
[1840-50; MICRO- + -cline < Gk klínein to LEAN1, referring to the angles between its cleavage planes, which differ slightly from 90°]

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Common feldspar mineral, one form of potassium aluminosilicate (KAlSi3O8) that occurs in many rock types.

Green specimens are called amazonstone and may be used as gems. It is an end-member composition in the alkali feldspar series. See also orthoclase.

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      a common feldspar mineral, one form of potassium aluminosilicate (KAlSi3O8) that occurs in igneous rock. Green specimens are called amazonstone, which is sometimes used as a gem. Microcline forms multiple-twinned crystals and two sets of fine, tapering lamellae at right angles to each other; this tartan twinning distinguishes it from other feldspars. Microcline is found at Baveno, Italy; Kragerø, Nor.; Madagascar; and, as amazonstone, in the Urals, Russia, and Florissant, Colo., U.S. For detailed physical properties, see feldspar (table).

      Microcline is the form of potassium feldspar that is stable at the lowest temperatures. Its structure differs from that of orthoclase because of a different distribution of silicon and aluminum atoms in its aluminosilicate crystal framework. Microcline exhibits a variation in symmetry. Individual specimens range from those that are triclinic (triclinic system) (three unequal axes inclined obliquely to one another) to those that are barely distinguishable from monoclinic (monoclinic system) (three unequal axes, only one of which is inclined obliquely).

      Microcline forms a series of mixtures with the plagioclase albite, the sodium atoms of which replace the potassium atoms in the microcline structure. The intermediate members of the series are called microcline–microperthites and exhibit exsolution (separation) of the sodium and potassium phases into minute intergrowths of distinct crystals of the pure compounds. It has been suggested that this chemical variation might also influence the symmetry.

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