/mes'keuh lair"oh/, n., pl. Mescaleros, (esp. collectively) Mescalero.
a member of a group of Apache Indians who originally inhabited northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S. east of the Rio Grande, have intermarried with the Chiricahua and Lipan, and are presently situated in New Mexico.

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      tribe of the Eastern Apache division of North American Indians. Their name is taken from the mescal (peyote) cactus (Lophophora williamsii), which provided fibre, food, and drink to these predominantly foraging people. Before colonization the Mescalero lived in what are now south-central New Mexico, the Davis Mountains of Texas, and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. As they lived in a region that included desert and plains habitats, traditional Mescalero culture reflected elements of both the Southwest Indians (Southwest Indian) and the Plains Indians (Plains Indian).

      Like other Apachean groups, the Mescalero chose to avoid formal political organization. Their primary organizational unit was the band, a kin-based group of 20–30 people. Bands sometimes gathered together under a leader who had proven himself in battle or in other skills. These larger groups were usually small enough so that every individual was aware of his or her kinship with most if not all other members.

      Though the Mescalero as a whole were a relatively peaceful group, some resisted encroachment by Euro-American settlers. Geronimo's Chiricahua faction included Mescalero individuals, but many other Mescalero served as scouts for the frontiersmen.

      Population estimates indicated more than 7,000 Mescalero descendants in the early 21st century.

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