/mahr"lin/, n.
a male given name.

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Any of four species (genus Makaira, family Istiophoridae) of deep-blue to blue-green marine fish with a long body, a long dorsal fin, a rounded spear extending from the snout (which it uses to club the fish it feeds on), and usually pale vertical stripes.

They are highly prized for sport and food. Species range in weight from about 100 lbs (45 kg) to more than 1,500 lbs (700 kg). The Indo-Pacific black marlin (M. nigicans) has a distinctive, stiff pectoral fin set at an angle.

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      any of several species of large, long-nosed marine fishes of the family Istiophoridae (order Perciformes) characterized by an elongated body, a long dorsal fin, and a rounded spear extending from the snout. They are wanderers, found worldwide near the surface of the sea, and are carnivorous, feeding largely on other fishes. They are consumed as food and are highly prized by sport fishermen.

      A number of species of marlins have been named; four are generally accepted as valid: the blue, black, striped, and white marlins. The blue marlin (Makaira nigricans), found worldwide, is a very large fish, sometimes attaining a weight of 450 kg (1,000 pounds) or more. It is deep blue with a silvery belly and is often barred with lighter vertical stripes. The black marlin (M. indica) grows as large or larger than the blue. It is known to reach a weight of more than 700 kg (1,500 pounds). An Indo-Pacific species, it is blue or blue gray above and lighter below; its distinctive, stiff pectoral fins are set at an angle and cannot be flattened against the body without force. The striped marlin (Tetrapterus audax), another Indo-Pacific fish, is bluish above and white below, with pale vertical bars; it normally does not exceed 125 kg (275 pounds). The white marlin (M. albida, or T. albidus) is limited to the Atlantic and is blue green with a paler belly and with pale vertical bars on its sides. Its maximum weight is about 45 kg (100 pounds).

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