/mahr"i bawr'/, n.
a city in N Slovenia, on the Drava River. 185,699. German, Marburg.

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      city, northeastern Slovenia, on the Drava River near the Austrian border. Slovenia's second largest city, Maribor lies between the Pohorje mountains and the hills of Slovenske Gorice.

      A settlement existed in Roman times, but the present city grew from the mid-12th century around Marburg Castle on Piramida Hill. In 1209 it developed as a Habsburg market borough, and in the 13th century it achieved city status and became an important commercial centre. Maribor was home to a thriving Jewish population until the late 15th century, when Jews were expelled. Later the city suffered from Ottoman incursions. With the building of the Vienna-Trieste road in the 18th century and railway in the 1840s, Maribor was revitalized. Owing to the efforts of Anton Martin Slomšek, the seat of the Lavantine diocese was moved to Maribor in 1859.

      Prior to World War I the city's population was predominantly German. In 1919, under the command of General Rudolf Maister, Slovene and Yugoslav troops gained control of the city. Its German name, Marburg, was replaced with the Slovene Maribor, which had come into use in the 19th century. During World War II, Maribor was subjected to an intensive Germanization program. Allied aircraft bombed Maribor on some 50 occasions, destroying the city's infrastructure and industry.

      Maribor was rebuilt after World War II, with new road arteries and bridges crossing the Drava. The port area, Lent, became a centre of leisure activities. Although Maribor is the centre of a fertile region specializing in grape and apple growing, it is one of the largest industrial cities in Slovenia. Heavy industry has dominated the economy since the 19th century and includes chemicals, engineering, electrical and aluminum industries, truck and bus manufacture, railway equipment, food processing, and textiles. In the late 20th century, during Slovenia's transition from a centrally planned to a market economy, many enterprises closed. Tourism contributes to the local economy, with the skiing-related facilities on the edge of the city, beneath the Pohorje, serving as a particular draw.

      Historic structures include a 12th-century cathedral of St. John the Baptist, a 15th-century castle famous for its sculptures and frescoes that now houses a regional museum, St. Madeleine Church (1288; rebuilt 1788), the 16th-century city hall, and a monument recalling the great plague of 1680. Another popular attraction is a roughly 400-year-old vine (claimed locally to be the world's oldest) from which grapes are harvested annually. The University of Maribor was founded in 1975. Pop. (2002) 93,847.

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