Marfan syndrome

Marfan syndrome
/mahr"fan, mahr fan"/, Pathol.
a hereditary disorder characterized by abnormally elongated bones, esp. in the extremities, hypermotility of the joints, and circulatory and eye abnormalities.
[named after Antonin Bernard Marfan (1858-1942), French pediatrician, who described it in 1892]

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Rare hereditary disorder of connective tissue.

Affected persons are tall, with long, thin limbs and spiderlike fingers (arachnodactyly). The lens of the eye is dislocated, and many have glaucoma or detached retina. Heart muscle abnormalities and various malfunctions and malformations occur; rupture of the aorta is the most common cause of death. Severity varies; affected individuals may die young or live essentially normal lives. The underlying abnormality cannot be cured, but some of the defects can be surgically corrected.

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also called  arachnodactyly 

      rare hereditary connective tissue disorder (connective tissue disease) that affects most notably the skeleton, heart, and eyes. In Marfan syndrome a genetic mutation causes a defect in the production of fibrillin, a protein found in connective tissue. Affected individuals have a tall, lanky frame and fingers that are long and may be described as spiderlike. There is a tendency to double-jointedness. The lens of the eye is commonly dislocated, and there is a high frequency of glaucoma or retinal detachment. The heart muscles have an abnormal composition, and a variety of cardiovascular malfunctions and malformations may occur; rupture of the aorta is the most common cause of death. Marfan syndrome is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Depending on the degree of expression of the trait, affected individuals may die at an early age or may live essentially normal lives. Although the basic abnormality of connective tissue cannot be treated, wound healing occurs normally, and surgical correction of some defects is possible. Marfan syndrome is named for French physician Antonin Marfan, who first described the disorder in 1896.

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