/mahr"euh/, n.
1. Hindu Myth. the god of death, sometimes seen as one aspect of a god whose other aspect is Kama, or erotic desire.
2. Buddhism. Satan, who tried to seduce the Buddha at the time of his Enlightenment.

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Buddhist Lord of the Senses, who repeatedly tempted the Buddha Gautama.

When Gautama seated himself under the bodhi tree to await enlightenment, the evil Mara appeared in the guise of a messenger claiming that a rival had usurped the family throne. After sending a storm of rain, rocks, ashes, and darkness to frighten away the gods who had gathered, he challenged Gautama's right to sit beneath the tree and sent forth his three daughters, Trsna, Rati, and Raga (thirst, desire, and delight), to seduce Gautama, but to no avail. After the Buddha had achieved enlightenment, Mara pressed him to abandon any attempt to preach, but the gods successfully persuaded him to preach the law.

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▪ Buddhist devil
      the Buddhist “Lord of the Senses,” who was the Buddha's (Buddha) temptor on several occasions. When the bodhisattva Gautama seated himself under the Bo tree to await Enlightenment, the evil Māra appeared first in the guise of a messenger bringing the news that a rival, Devadatta, had usurped the Śākya throne from Gautama's family. Next Māra sent forth a great storm of rain, rocks, ashes, and darkness, frightening away all the gods who had gathered to honour the future Buddha. He challenged Gautama's right to sit beneath the tree, provoking the future Buddha to call upon the earth to give witness to his previous charities (an act often represented in sculpture). Māra sent forth his three daughters, Tṛṣṇā, Rati, and Rāga (thirst, desire, and delight), to seduce Gautama, but to no avail. (Versions of the story differ in placing the temptation by the daughters before or after Buddha's Enlightenment.) After the Buddha had achieved supreme Enlightenment, he experienced doubt as to whether the truth could be understood by men, and Māra pressed him to abandon any attempts to preach. But when the gods implored him to preach the law, the Buddha put aside his doubts.

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