/man"chooh"kwoh"/; Chin. /mahn"joh"kwaw"/, n.
a former country (1932-45) in E Asia, under Japanese control: included Manchuria and parts of Inner Mongolia; now a part of China.
Also, Manchoukuo.

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or Manchuguo

Puppet state created in 1932 by Japan out of the three historic provinces of Manchuria.

After the Russo-Japanese War (1895), Japan gained control of the Russian-built South Manchurian Railway, and its army established a presence in the area; expansion in Manchuria was seen as necessary for Japan's status as an emerging world power. In 1931 the Japanese army created an excuse to attack Chinese troops there, and in 1932 Manchukuo was proclaimed an independent state. The last Qing emperor was brought out of retirement and made Manchukuo's ruler, but the state was actually rigidly controlled by the Japanese, who used it as their base for expansion into Asia. An underground guerrilla movement composed of Manchurian soldiers, armed civilians, and Chinese communists opposed the occupying Japanese, many of whom had come over to settle in the new colony. After Japan's defeat in 1945 the settlers were repatriated.

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