malonic acid

malonic acid
a white, crystalline, water-soluble, dibasic acid, C3H4O4, easily decomposed by heat: used chiefly as an intermediate in the synthesis of barbiturates.

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also called  Propanedioic Acid 

      (HO2CCH2CO2H), a dibasic organic acid whose diethyl ester is used in syntheses of vitamins B1 and B6, barbiturates (barbiturate), and numerous other valuable compounds.

      Malonic acid itself is rather unstable and has few applications. Its calcium salt occurs in beetroot, but the acid itself is usually prepared by hydrolyzing diethyl malonate. It undergoes the usual reactions of carboxylic acids as well as facile cleavage into acetic acid and carbon dioxide.

      Diethyl malonate, CH2(CO2C2H5)2, also called malonic ester, is prepared by the reaction of ethyl alcohol with cyanoacetic acid. Its utility in synthesis arises from the reactivity of its methylene (CH2) group; a hydrogen atom is easily removed by sodium ethoxide or other strong base, and the resulting derivative reacts readily with an alkyl halide to form a diethyl alkylmalonate. A second alkyl group may be similarly introduced. The diethyl dialkylmalonates are converted by reaction with urea to barbiturates. Diethyl malonate is a colourless, fragrant liquid boiling at 181.4° C.

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