macula lutea

macula lutea
/mak"yeuh leuh looh"tee euh/, pl. maculae luteae /mak"yeuh lee' looh"tee ee', mak"yeuh luy' looh"tee uy'/.
macula (def. 2b).
[1840-50; < NL: lit., yellow macula; see MACULA, LUTEOUS]

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      in anatomy, the small yellowish area of the retina near the optic disk that provides central vision. When the gaze is fixed on any object, the centre of the macula, the centre of the lens, and the object are in a straight line. In the centre of the macula is a depression, called the fovea, which contains specialized nerve cells that are exclusively of the type known as cones. Cones are associated with colour vision and perception of fine detail. Toward the centre of the macula there are no blood vessels to interfere with vision; thus, in this area, vision in bright light and colour perception are keenest.

      Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is a relatively common condition in people over the age of 50. There are two forms of ARMD, known as wet and dry. In wet ARMD new blood vessels form beneath the retina that are very fragile and prone to breakage and bleeding, thereby compromising central vision acuity. As a result, wet ARMD advances more quickly and is more severe than dry ARMD, which is characterized by the presence of drusen (tiny yellow deposits on the retina) and the loss of retinal pigment and may progress so slowly that it goes unnoticed. Both conditions reduce central vision but do not interfere with peripheral vision (see also visual-field defect (visual field defect)).

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