/lyuu"shyuun"/, n. Pinyin, Wade-Giles.
an old city and seaport in S Liaoning province, in NE China, on the Yellow Sea: now part of the urban area of Dalian. 1,650,000. Also called Port Arthur. Formerly, Japanese, Ryojunko.

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or Lü-shun formerly Port Arthur

Former city, since 1950 a district of Dalian city, Liaoning province, northeastern China.

Situated at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, it was used as a staging post as early as the 2nd century BC. Fortified under the Ming dynasty, it was captured by the Manchus in 1633 and served as the seat of a defense unit under the Qing dynasty. In 1878 it became the chief base for China's first modern naval force. Leased to Russia in 1898, it was captured by Japan (1905) during the Russo-Japanese War and was made the seat of a provincial government. Under a 1945 treaty it became a Sino-Soviet military base; the Soviet forces withdrew in 1955.

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▪ former city, Dalian, China
Wade-Giles romanization  Lü-shun , also called  Lüshunkou , formerly  Port Arthur 

      former city and naval port, southern Liaoning sheng (province), northeastern China. In 1950 it was amalgamated with nearby Dalian to form the city of Lüda. In 1981, when Lüda was renamed Dalian, it became a district (under the name Lüshunkou) of the newly named city.

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