/luv"berrd'/, n.
1. any of various small parrots, esp. of the genus Agapornis, of Africa, noted for the affection shown one another and often kept as pets.
2. lovebirds, a pair of lovers, esp. a married couple who show very close mutual love and concern.

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Any of nine species of small parrots (genus Agapornis, subfamily Psittacinae) of Africa and Madagascar.

Popular as pets for their pretty colours and the seemingly affectionate closeness of pairs, lovebirds are 4–6 in. (10–16 cm) long, chunky, and short-tailed. Most have a red bill and a prominent eye ring. The two sexes look alike. Large flocks forage in woods and scrublands for seeds and may damage crops. Hardy and long-lived, they are combative toward other birds and have a loud, squawky voice. Though not easy to tame, they can be taught to perform tricks and mimic human speech to a limited extent.

Lovebirds (Agapornis personata).

Toni Angermayer

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      any of nine species of small parrots, genus Agapornis (subfamily Psittacinae), of Africa and Madagascar. Lovebirds are noted for pretty colours and the seemingly affectionate proximity of pairs. (That one will die grieving if bereft of its mate is unproved.) The nine species are 10 to 16 cm (4 to 6 inches) long, chunky, and short-tailed; most have a red bill and prominent eye-ring. Sexes look alike. In the wild, large flocks forage in woods and scrublands for seeds and may damage crops. Some species nest in tree holes; the female carries nest material tucked into her rump feathers and runs bits of grass or leaf through her bill to soften them. The 4 to 6 eggs are incubated for about 20 days.

      Popular in small aviaries, lovebirds are not easy to tame. However, they may be taught to perform tricks and to mimic human speech to a limited extent. They are hardy and long-lived but pugnacious toward other birds and have loud, squawky voices.

 The black-masked lovebird, A. personata (see photograph—>), of Tanzania is green with a blackish brown head and a yellow band across the breast and hindneck; a common mutation in captivity is blue and whitish. The largest species is the rosy-faced lovebird, A. roseicollis, of Angola to South Africa.

      Birds erroneously called lovebirds include the budgerigar (see parakeet) and the parrotlet (Forpus species), of tropical American forests.

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