/loh jish"euhn/, n.
a person who is skilled in logic.
[1350-1400; LOGIC + -IAN; r. ME logicien < MF]

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also called  Dialectician 

      any member of a school of Chinese philosophers of the Warring States period (475–221 BCE). In Chinese the school is called Mingjia (Wade-Giles romanization Ming-chia), the “School of Names,” because one of the problems addressed by the Logicians was the correspondence between name and actuality. In addition, they discussed such problems as existence, relativity, space, time, quality, and causes. The school was small and had little influence on subsequent Chinese intellectual history, but it was the only Chinese philosophical school devoted primarily to logical and epistemological problems. Hui Shi (c. 380–c. 305 BCE) and Gongsun Long (b. 380 BCE) were the most prominent members of the school.

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