loaminess, n.loamless, adj.loamy, adj.
/lohm/, n.
1. a rich, friable soil containing a relatively equal mixture of sand and silt and a somewhat smaller proportion of clay.
2. a mixture of clay, sand, straw, etc., used in making molds for founding and in plastering walls, stopping holes, etc.
3. earth or soil.
4. Obs. clay or clayey earth.
5. to cover or stop with loam.
[bef. 900; late ME lome, earlier lam(e), OE lam; c. D leem, G Lehm loam, clay; akin to LIME1]

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Rich, friable (crumbly) soil with nearly equal parts of sand and silt, and somewhat less clay.

The term is sometimes used imprecisely to mean earth or soil in general. Loam in subsoil receives varied minerals and amounts of clay by leaching (percolation) from the topsoil above.

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