/lohch/, n.
any of several slender European and Asian fishes of the family Cobitidae and related families, having several barbels around the mouth.
[1325-75; ME loche < MF]

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 any of the small, generally elongated freshwater fishes of the family Cobitidae. More than 200 species are known; most are native to central and southern Asia, but three are found in Europe and one in northern Africa. A typical loach has very small scales and three to six pairs of whiskerlike barbels around its mouth. In some species, such as the spined loach (Cobitis taenia) of Eurasia, there is also a short, movable spine near each eye.

      Loaches are hardy, usually nocturnal fishes that inhabit both still and flowing waters. They use their barbels to comb the bottom for worms, insect larvae, and other food. In low and stagnant ponds, they may swallow air at the surface, their intestines then absorbing the oxygen and thus aiding respiration.

      Several Asian loaches are popular aquarium fishes. Among these are the clown loach (Botia macracanthus), an orange fish about 13–30 centimetres (5–12 inches) long and marked with three vertical black bands, and the kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii), a pinkish, eel-like species about 8 centimetres long, marked with many vertical black bands. Other loaches include the stone (Nemachilus barbatula) and spined loaches, both mottled, yellow and brown fishes about 13 centimetres long found in Europe and northern Asia. The European weatherfish (Misgurnus fossilis) is a yellowish fish about 25 centimetres long, banded and speckled with brown; like the similar Japanese weatherfish (M. anguillicaudatus), it is named for its heightened activity during periods of rapid change in barometric pressure, such as occur before a storm.

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