/list/, n.
1. a series of names or other items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record: a list of members.
2. See list price.
3. Computers. a series of records in a file.
4. a complete record of stocks handled by a stock exchange.
5. all of the books of a publisher that are available for sale.
6. to set down together in a list; make a list of: to list the membership of a club.
7. to enter in a list, directory, catalog, etc.: to list him among the members.
8. to place on a list of persons to be watched, excluded, restricted, etc.
9. Computers. to print or display in a list: Let's list the whole program and see where the bug is.
10. to register (a security) on a stock exchange so that it may be traded there.
11. Archaic. enlist.
12. to be offered for sale, as in a catalog, at a specified price: This radio lists at $49.95.
13. Archaic. enlist.
[1595-1605; special use of LIST2 (roll of names, perh. orig. of contestants in the LISTS); cf. F liste < It lista roll of names, earlier, band, strip (e.g., of paper), border < OHG (G Leiste)]
Syn. 1. register. LIST, CATALOG, INVENTORY, ROLL, SCHEDULE imply a definite arrangement of items. LIST denotes a series of names, items, or figures arranged in a row or rows: a list of groceries. CATALOG adds the idea of alphabetical or other orderly arrangement, and, often, descriptive particulars and details: a library catalog. An INVENTORY is a detailed descriptive list of property, stock, goods, or the like made for legal or business purposes: a store inventory.
A ROLL is a list of names of members of some defined group often used to ascertain their presence or absence: a class roll. A SCHEDULE is a methodical (esp. official) list, often indicating the time or sequence of certain events: a train schedule. 6. record, catalog. 7. enroll.
/list/, n.
1. a border or bordering strip, usually of cloth.
2. a selvage.
3. selvages collectively.
4. a strip of cloth or other material.
5. a strip or band of any kind.
6. a stripe of color.
7. a division of the hair or beard.
8. one of the ridges or furrows of earth made by a lister.
9. a strip of material, as bark or sapwood, to be trimmed from a board.
10. fillet (def. 6a).
11. made of selvages or strips of cloth.
12. to produce furrows and ridges on (land) with a lister.
13. to prepare (ground) for planting by making ridges and furrows.
14. to cut away a narrow strip of wood from the edge of (a stave, plank, etc.).
15. Obs. to apply a border or edge to.
[bef. 900; ME lista, OE list border; c. D lijst, G Leiste (OHG lista)]
/list/, n.
1. a careening, or leaning to one side, as of a ship.
2. (of a ship or boat) to incline to one side; careen: The ship listed to starboard.
3. to cause (a vessel) to incline to one side: The shifting of the cargo listed the ship to starboard.
[1620-30; orig. uncert.]
Syn. 2, 3. tilt, slant, heel.
/list/, Archaic.
1. to please.
2. to like or desire.
3. to like; wish; choose.
[bef. 900; ME listen, lusten, OE (ge)lystan to please; c. G gelüsten, ON lysta to desire, akin to Goth luston to desire. See LUST]
/list/, Archaic.
1. to listen.
2. to listen to.
[bef. 900; ME listen, OE hlystan to listen, hear, deriv. of hlyst ear; c. Sw lysta; akin to ON hlusta to listen. See LISTEN]

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