lipogrammatic /lip'oh greuh mat"ik, luy'poh-/, adj.
/lip"euh gram', luy"peuh-/, n.
a written work composed of words chosen so as to avoid the use of one or more specific alphabetic characters.
[1705-15; < Gk lipográmmatos missing a letter. See LIPO-2, -GRAM1]

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      a written text deliberately composed of words not having a certain letter (such as the Odyssey of Tryphiodorus, which had no alpha in the first book, no beta in the second, and so on). The French writer Georges Perec (Perec, Georges) composed his novel La Disparition (1969; A Void) entirely without using the letter e; his English translator, Gilbert Adair, succeeded in avoiding that letter as well.

      The word is ultimately a compound of the Greek leípein, “to leave” or “to be lacking,” and grámma, “letter.”

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