/lin"it/, n.
1. a small Old World finch, Carduelis cannabina.
2. any of various related birds, as the house finch.
[1520-30; earlier linet < MF (Walloon, Picard) linette (F linot, linotte), deriv. of lin flax (cf. LINE1; so named for its diet of flaxseeds); see -ET]

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▪ Carduelis cannabina
      (Carduelis, sometimes Acanthis, cannabina), seed-eating European finch of the family Carduelidae (order Passeriformes). It is 13 centimetres (5 inches) long and brown streaked, with a white-edged forked tail; the crown and breast of the male is red. It is a hedgerow singer, and flocks forage for seeds in open country.

      The house finch (see rosefinch) of the United States is often called linnet.

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