/lim"berr'geuhr/, n.
a variety of soft white cheese of strong odor and flavor. Also called Limburger cheese, Limburg cheese.
[1810-20; named after LIMBURG; see -ER1]

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 semisoft surface-ripened cow's-milk cheese that has a rind of pungent odour and a creamy-textured body of strong flavour. Limburger originated in the Belgian province of Liège and was first sold at markets in Limbourg. By the late 20th century, most Limburger was produced in Germany and the United States.

      The characteristic form of Limburger is in small bricks, squares, or cubes. Its thin-skinned reddish rind is formed by corynebacteria that ripen the cheese into a soft, spreadable paste. The celebrated odour develops as the cheese ripens, becoming quite rank within a few weeks. The flavour of Limburger is pronounced but not as strong as the odour, which can be detected at a considerable distance when the cheese is exposed.

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