lignum vitae

lignum vitae
/lig"neuhm vuy"tee, vee"tuy/
1. either of two tropical American trees, Guaiacum officinale or G. sanctum, of the caltrop family, having very hard, heavy wood.
2. the wood of such a tree, used for making pulley blocks, mallet heads, bearings, etc.
3. any of several other trees yielding a similar hard wood.
[1585-95; < NL, LL, name of the tree, lit., wood of life]

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 any of several trees of the genus Guaiacum, of the family Zygophyllaceae, particularly G. officinale, native to the New World tropics.

      Guaiacum officinale occurs from the southern United States to northern South America. It grows about 9 m (30 feet) tall and reaches a diameter of about 25 cm (10 inches). The evergreen leaves are opposite, divided into leaflets (arranged along an axis), and leathery in texture. The flowers are bright blue when first open but gradually fade to white. The yellow, heart-shaped fruit is about 2 cm (0.8 inch) long.

      The tree is the source of a very hard, heavy wood that is brownish green in colour. It is used to make pulleys, shafts, axles, and bowling balls. The wood is relatively waterproof because of its high fat content. The resin, called guaiacum, is obtained from the wood by distillation; it is used to treat respiratory disorders.

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