leg hit

leg hit
a hit made into leg.

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  • leg hit — noun : a hit that sends a cricket ball to leg * * * Cricket. a hit made into leg. [1830 40] * * * leg hit, Cricket. a hit that sends the ball to leg …   Useful english dictionary

  • Leg theory — is a bowling tactic in the sport of cricket. The term leg theory is somewhat archaic and seldom used any more, but the basic tactic still plays a part in modern cricket.Simply put, leg theory involves concentrating the bowling attack at or near… …   Wikipedia

  • Hit wicket — is a method of dismissal in the sport of cricket. This method of dismissal is governed by Law 35 of the Laws of cricket. The striker is out Hit wicket if, after the bowler has entered his delivery stride and while the ball is in play, his wicket… …   Wikipedia

  • leg out — [phrasal verb] leg out (a hit) also leg (a hit) out baseball, informal : to successfully complete (a hit) by running fast He hurt his knee while trying to leg out an infield hit. She legged out a triple. • • • Main Entry: ↑leg …   Useful english dictionary

  • leg before wicket — ► leg before wicket Cricket (of a batsman) adjudged to be out through obstructing the ball with the leg (or other part of the body) when the ball would otherwise have hit the wicket. Main Entry: ↑leg …   English terms dictionary

  • leg before — and leg before wicket noun (cricket) A way of being given out when the ball has struck the batsman s legs, or another part of his body, without having made contact with the bat, and would otherwise have hit the wicket (abbrev lbw) • • • Main… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Leg before wicket — Ray Lindwall traps Peter May leg before wicket in the First Test of the 1954–55 Ashes series. In the sport of cricket, leg before wicket (LBW) is one of the ways in which a batsman can be dismissed. An umpire will rule a batsman out LBW under a… …   Wikipedia

  • Leg bye — In the sport of cricket, a leg bye is a run scored by the batting team when the batsman has not hit the ball with his bat, but the ball has hit the batsman s body or protective gear.If the ball deflects off the batsman s body and needs to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Leg drop — A leg drop or legdrop refers to an attack used in professional wrestling in which an attacking wrestler will jump and land his leg across a fallen opponent s chest, throat, face or head or in some cases, the groin/lower abdominal… …   Wikipedia

  • leg before wicket — adjective : having with any part of the person except the hand illegally stopped a bowled ball that would otherwise have hit the wicket to be out, leg before wicket to be clearly leg before wicket used of a batsman in cricket * * * leg before and …   Useful english dictionary

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