laurel family

laurel family
the plant family Lauraceae, characterized by evergreen or deciduous trees having simple, leathery leaves, aromatic bark and foliage, clusters of small green or yellow flowers, and fruit in the form of a berry or drupe, and including the avocado, bay, laurels of the genera Laurus and Umbellularia, sassafras, spicebush (Lindera benzoin), and the trees that yield camphor and cinnamon.

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Family Lauraceae, composed of about 2,200 species of often aromatic and evergreen flowering plants in 45 genera.

Included in this family are ornamentals and plants that produce cooking herbs, food fruits, and medicinal extracts. The genus Laurus includes bay laurel (L. nobilis), native to the Mediterranean, which provides bay leaves for cooking, essential oils for perfumery, and the wreaths that crowned victorious heroes and athletes in ancient Greece. Another genus, Cinnamomum, includes the camphor tree and cinnamon. Also included in this family are the avocado, mountain laurel, and sassafras.

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