/lat'i toohd'n air"ee euhn, -tyoohd'-/, adj.
1. allowing or characterized by latitude in opinion or conduct, esp. in religious views.
2. a person who is latitudinarian in opinion or conduct.
3. Anglican Ch. one of the churchmen in the 17th century who maintained the wisdom of the episcopal form of government and ritual but denied its divine origin and authority.
[1655-65; < L latitudin- (see LATITUDINAL) + -ARIAN]

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      any of the 17th-century Anglican clerics whose beliefs and practices were viewed by conservatives as unorthodox or, at best, heterodox. After first being applied to the Cambridge Platonists, the term was later used to categorize churchmen who depended upon reason to establish the moral certainty of Christian doctrines rather than argument from tradition. Limiting that doctrine to what had to be accepted, they allowed for latitude on other teachings. The Latitudinarians thus became the precursors of the similar Broad Church (q.v.) movement in the 19th-century Church of England.

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