laryngitic /lar'euhn jit"ik/, adj.
/lar'euhn juy"tis/, n. Pathol.
inflammation of the larynx, often with accompanying sore throat, hoarseness or loss of voice, and dry cough.
[1815-25; LARYNG- + -ITIS]

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Inflammation of the larynx, causing hoarseness.

Simple laryngitis usually occurs with infections such as the common cold. Other causes include inhalation of irritants. The larynx's lining becomes swollen and secretes mucus. In chronic laryngitis, caused by excessive smoking, drinking, or vocal-cord use, the larynx is dry and has polyps. Other types are caused by diphtheria spreading from the upper throat, tuberculosis bacteria spreading from the lungs, and advanced syphilis. The last can produce severe scarring and permanent hoarseness.

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      inflammation of the larynx or voice box, caused by chemical or mechanical irritation or bacterial infection. Laryngitis is classified as simple, diphtheritic, tuberculous, or syphilitic laryngitis.

      Simple laryngitis is usually associated with the common cold or similar infections. Nonbacterial agents such as chlorine gas, steam, or sulfur dioxide can also cause severe inflammation. Usually the mucous membrane lining the larynx is the site of prime infection; it becomes swollen and filled with blood, secretes a thick mucous substance, and contains many inflammatory cells. When the epiglottis, which closes the larynx during swallowing, becomes swollen and infected by influenza viruses, the larynx can become obstructed, and suffocation may result. Chronic laryngitis is produced by excessive smoking, alcoholism, or overuse of the vocal cords. The mucous membrane becomes dry and covered with polyps, small lumps of tissue that project from the surface. The wall of the larynx may thicken and become inflamed.

      Diphtheritic laryngitis is caused by the spread of diphtheria from the region of the upper throat down to the larynx. It may cause a membrane of white blood cells, fibrin (blood clotting protein), and diseased skin cells to attach to and infiltrate the surface mucous membrane. When looser portions of this false membrane become dislodged from part of the larynx, they may consolidate at the vocal cords and cause an obstruction there. A similar type of membrane covering can occur in streptococcal infections.

      Tuberculous laryngitis is a secondary infection spread from the initial site in the lungs. Tubercular nodule-like growths are formed in the larynx tissue. The bacteria die after infecting the tissue, leaving ulcers on the surface. There may be eventual destruction of the epiglottis and laryngeal cartilage.

      Syphilitic laryngitis is one of the many complications of syphilis. In the second stage of syphilis, sores or mucous patches can form; as the disease advances to the third stage, there is tissue destruction followed by healing and scar formation. The scars can distort the larynx, shorten the vocal cords, and produce a permanent hoarseness of the voice.

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