lanolated /lan"l ay'tid/, adj.
/lan"l in/, n.
a fatty substance, extracted from wool, used in ointments, cosmetics, waterproof coatings, etc.
Also, lanoline /lan"l in, -l een'/. Also called wool fat.
[1880-85; < L lan(a) WOOL + -OL2 + -IN2]

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      purified form of wool grease or wool wax (sometimes erroneously called wool fat), used either alone or with soft paraffin or lard or other fat as a base for ointments, emollients, skin foods, salves, superfatted soaps, and fur dressing. Lanolin, a translucent, yellowish-white, soft, unctuous, tenacious substance, is readily absorbed by the skin and thus makes an ideal base for medicinal products intended to be absorbed.

      Lanolin is obtained from raw wool by kneading it in water, or by scouring with soap solution, and then centrifuging. The wool grease so obtained is refined, bleached, deodorized, and dried.

      Chemically, lanolin consists of a mixture of several sterols, fatty acids, and their esters.

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