/lair/, n.
1. a den or resting place of a wild animal: The cougar retired to its lair.
2. a secluded or hidden place, esp. a secret retreat or base of operations; a hideout or hideaway: a pirate's lair.
3. Brit. a place in which to lie or rest; a bed.
4. to place in a lair.
5. to serve as a lair for.
6. to go to, lie in, or have a lair.
[bef. 900; ME leir, OE leger; c. D, OHG leger bed, camp; akin to LIE2]
/lair/, n.
1. Brit. Dial. mud; mire.
2. Scot. to sink or stick in mud or mire.
[1250-1300; v. use of ME lair clay, mire < ON leir clay, LOAM]
/lair/, n. Chiefly Scot.
lore; learning.
[ME (north and Scots) lare, OE lar LORE]
/lair/, n. Australian Informal.
a man who dresses garishly and is crude or vulgar; showoff.
[1930-35; back formation from LAIRY]

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