lacteally, adv.
/lak"tee euhl/, adj.
1. pertaining to, consisting of, or resembling milk; milky.
2. Anat. conveying or containing chyle.
3. Anat. any of the minute lymphatic vessels that convey chyle from the small intestine to the thoracic duct.
[1625-35; < L lacte(us) milky (see LACTEOUS) + -AL1]

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      one of the lymphatic vessels that serve the small intestine and, after a meal, become white from the minute fat globules that their lymph contains (see chyle). The lacteals were described as venae albae et lacteae (“white and milky veins”) by their discoverer, Gaspare Aselli, an Italian physician and professor of anatomy and surgery of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The smallest of the lacteals are the lacteal capillaries, each a minute vessel running down the centre of a villus, or fingerlike projection, in the mucous membrane lining the small intestine. The lacteal capillaries empty into lacteals in the submucosa, the connective tissue directly beneath the mucous membrane. The largest lacteals empty into the lymph nodes of the mesentery, the fold of membrane that encloses most of the intestines and anchors them to the rear wall of the abdomen.

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