/lay"sing/, n.
1. the act of a person or thing that laces.
2. a trimming of lace or braid.
3. a beating or thrashing.
4. a small amount of alcoholic liquor or any other substance added to food or drink.
5. a lace used for fastening, as in a shoe or corset.
6. Building Trades, Engin. any member or members, as a batten plate or steel bars, uniting the angles or flanges of a composite girder, column, or strut.
7. Also called lacing course. Masonry.
a. a course of brick in a wall of rubble.
b. a bond course in a rowlock arch.
8. Naut. any light line for fastening a sail, awning, or other cloth.
[1350-1400; ME; see LACE, -ING1]

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