/lab'euh fak"sheuhn/, n.
a shaking or weakening; overthrow or downfall.
[1610-20; < LL labefaction- (s. of labefactio), equiv. to labefact(us) (ptp. of labefacere to loosen) + -ion- -ION]

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  • Labefaction — Lab e*fac tion, n. [See {Labefy}.] The act of labefying or making weak; the state of being weakened; decay; ruin. [1913 Webster] There is in it such a labefaction of all principles as may be injurious to morality. Johnson. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • labefaction — (n.) 1610s, process of shaking; downfall, noun of action from L. labefactus, pp. of labefacere to cause to totter, shake; overthrow, from labi to slip, slide (see LAPSE (Cf. lapse)) + facere to make, do (see FACTITIOUS (Cf. factitious)). Related …   Etymology dictionary

  • labefaction — [lab΄ə fak′shən] n. [< L labefactus, pp. of labefacere, to cause to totter < labare, to totter (see LAP1) + facere, to make: see DO1] Rare a weakening, ruining, etc.; downfall; deterioration …   English World dictionary

  • labefaction — noun /ˌlæb.əˈfæk.ʃən/ The act of shaking or weakening or the resulting state; overthrow, ruination. Mans labefaction did not occur in time past; nor does it wait upon time future. See Also: labefy …   Wiktionary

  • labefaction — n. shaking; weakening; fall, downfall …   English contemporary dictionary

  • labefaction — [ˌlabɪ fakʃ(ə)n] noun archaic deterioration or downfall. Origin C17: from L. labefactio(n ), from labefacere weaken , from labi to fall + facere make …   English new terms dictionary

  • labefaction — lab·e·fac·tion …   English syllables

  • labefaction — /læbəˈfækʃən/ (say labuh fakshuhn) noun a shaking or weakening; overthrow; downfall. Also, labefactation /læbəfækˈteɪʃən/ (say labuhfak tayshuhn). {Latin labefactus, past participle, weakened + ion} …   Australian-English dictionary

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