n. /kay"oh", kay"oh'/; v. /kay"oh"/, n., pl. KO's, v., KO'd, KO'ing. Slang.
1. a knockout in boxing.
2. to knock unconscious, esp. in a boxing match; knock out.
Also, K.O., k.o., kayo.
[1920-25; initial letters of knock out]

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▪ floral art
also called  Koryū,  

      one of the four major schools of floral art in Japan. Dating from the Tokugawa period (1603–1868), the Ko school developed the shōka style of the earlier Ikenobō school into a more naturalistic type of arrangement. Calling the arrangements seika rather than shōka, the Ko school retained the tall, narrow-mouthed type of vase used in the shōka arrangements of the Ikenobō school. The mood of the arrangements was known as nageire, a fresh and spontaneous style that adheres only loosely to the classical rules of structure.

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