/kam"euh suyt'/, n.
a nickel-iron alloy found in meteorites.
[1885-90; < G (obs.) Kamacit < Gk kamak- (s. of kámax) pole + G -it -ITE1]

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 mineral consisting of iron alloyed with 5–7 percent nickel by weight and found in almost all meteorites which contain nickel-iron metal. It has a body-centred cubic structure and is sometimes referred to as α iron, after one of the three temperature-dependent forms (allotropes) of pure iron, because the kamacite has the same body-centred cubic structure as α iron. In the iron meteorites, it comprises all the metal in hexahedrites; it also is a principal constituent of the octahedrites, where it is intergrown with taenite, a face-centred cubic nickel-iron mineral.

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