/kal mik"ee euh/; Russ. /kul mi"kyeuh/, n.
an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation in Europe, on the NW shore of the Caspian Sea. 293,000; 75,900 sq. mi. (196,581 sq. km). Cap.: Elista. Also, Kalmykiya. Official name, Kalmyk Autonomous Republic /kal mik"/.

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Mongolian  Khalmg Tangch, 
      republic in southwestern Russia, lying northwest of the Caspian Sea and west of the lower Volga River. On the east it reaches the Caspian shore, and in the northeast it touches the Volga. Most of the republic lies in the vast lowland of the northern Caspian Depression, the greater part lying below sea level. The Yergeni hills and the Salsk-Manych ridge rise to a maximum of 725 feet (221 m) along the republic's western boundary. A long panhandle of the republic extends westward through the Manych Depression, containing large salt lakes by way of which the Caspian was formerly linked to the Black Sea. East of the Yergeni, the republic stretches to the Caspian as a level plain, broken only by small hollows and by ancient burial mounds. The Yergeni has steppe-grass vegetation and groves of deciduous trees (willow, elm, and poplar) in the valleys; elsewhere the republic is semidesert. The climate is characterized by hot summers and low rainfall, which often comes in torrential downpours causing flash floods in the valleys.

      The Kalmyks (Kalmyk), of Mongol origin, migrated to the Caspian region in the 17th century from Central Asia. They were mainly nomadic cattle breeders. Kalmykia was established in 1920 as an autonomous oblast (province); in 1936 it became a republic, which was abolished in 1944 when the Kalmyks were exiled for alleged collaboration with the Germans. In 1957 they were allowed to return, and the area was reestablished as an autonomous oblast. It regained republic status in 1958. About two-fifths of the population lives in three cities, including Elista, the capital, and in five urban settlements.

      Kalmykia's economy, based on livestock raising, specializes in fine-fleece and Karakul sheep breeding. The people have become less nomadic, and only the herders now move with the animals. There is some arable land on the Yergeni; grains, corn (maize), fodder grasses, mustard seed, sunflowers, and melons are the main crops. Fishing is important along the Caspian, and Kaspiysky has a large fish-processing plant. The republic's industry, which is centred on processed livestock products (leather, wool, butter, and cheese), is concentrated in Elista and in Kaspiysky. Area 29,400 square miles (76,100 square km). Pop. (1996 est.) 319,000.

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