/joohn"yeuhr/, adj.
1. younger (usually designating the younger of two men bearing the same full name, as a son named after his father; often written as Jr. or jr. following the name): May I speak with the junior Mr. Hansen? Mr. Edward Andrew Hansen, Jr. Cf. senior (def. 1).
2. of more recent appointment or admission, as to an office or status; of lower rank or standing: a junior partner.
3. (in American universities, colleges, and schools) noting or pertaining to the class or year next below that of the senior.
4. Finance. subordinate to preferred creditors, mortgagees, and the like.
5. of later date; subsequent to: His appointment is junior to mine by six months.
6. composed of younger members: The junior division of the camp went on the hike.
7. being smaller than the usual size: The hotel has special weekend rates on junior suites.
8. (of an iron or steel shape) relatively small, but rolled to a standard form.
9. of, for, or designating clothing in sizes 3-15 or those who wear it: a junior dress; junior measurements; the junior department.
10. a person who is younger than another.
11. a person who is newer or of lower rank in an office, class, profession, etc.; subordinate.
12. a student who is in the next to the final year of a course of study.
13. Often, juniors.
a. a range of odd-numbered sizes, chiefly from 3 to 15, for garments that fit women and girls with shorter waists, narrower shoulders, and smaller bustlines than those of average build.
b. the department or section of a store where garments in these sizes are sold.
14. a garment in this size range.
15. a woman or girl who wears garments in this size range.
16. (cap.) a member of the Girl Scouts from 9 through 11 years old.
17. Informal. (often cap.) a boy; youth; son: Ask junior to give you a hand with the packing.
[1520-30; < L junior younger]

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