/jug"yeuh leuhr, jooh"gyeuh-/, adj.
1. Anat.
a. of or pertaining to the throat or neck.
b. noting or pertaining to any of certain large veins of the neck, esp. one (external jugular vein) collecting blood from the superficial parts of the head or one (internal jugular vein) collecting blood from within the skull.
2. (of a fish) having the pelvic fins at the throat, before the pectoral fins.
3. Anat. a jugular vein.
4. go for the jugular, to attack a vital and vulnerable trait, feature, element, etc., in an attempt to overcome somebody or something swiftly and totally: The defense attorney went right for the jugular by attempting to destroy the witness's credibility.
[1590-1600; < LL jugularis, equiv. to L jugul(um) throat (see JUGULATE) + -aris -AR1]

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