jingler, n.jinglingly, adv.jingly, adj.
/jing"geuhl/, v., jingled, jingling, n.
1. to make clinking or tinkling sounds, as do coins, keys, or other light, resonant metal objects when coming into contact or being struck together repeatedly: The keys on his belt jingled as he walked.
2. to move or proceed with such sounds: The sleigh, decorated with bells, jingled along the snowy road.
3. to sound in a light, repetitious manner suggestive of this, as verse, a sequence of words, or piece of music.
4. to make rhymes.
5. to cause to jingle: He jingled the coins in his pocket.
6. a tinkling or clinking sound, as of small bells or of small pieces of resonant metal repeatedly struck one against another.
7. something that makes such a sound, as a small bell or a metal pendant.
8. a catchy succession of like or repetitious sounds, as in music or verse.
9. a piece of verse or a short song having such a catchy succession of sounds, usually of a light or humorous character: an advertising jingle.
10. Irish Eng. and Australian. a loosely sprung, two-wheeled, roofed carriage, usually used as a hackney coach.
[1350-1400; ME gynglen, appar. imit.; cf. D jengelen; see -LE]

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