/jet"ee/, n., pl. jetties, v., jettied, jettying.
1. a pier or structure of stones, piles, or the like, projecting into the sea or other body of water to protect a harbor, deflect the current, etc.
2. a wharf or landing pier.
3. the piles or wooden structure protecting a pier.
4. Also, jutty. an overhang, as of an upper story beyond a lower.
5. to construct (part of a building) so that it projects beyond lower construction; jutty.
[1375-1425; late ME get(t)ey < OF jetee, lit., something thrown out, a projection, n. use of jetee, fem. ptp. of jeter to throw; see JET1]
jettiness, n.
/jet"ee/, adj.
1. made of jet.
2. resembling jet, esp. in color; of a deep black.
[1475-85; JET2 + -Y1]

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      any of a variety of engineering structures connected with river, harbour, and coastal works designed to influence the current or tide or to protect a harbour or beach from waves (breakwater). The two principal kinds of jetties are those constructed at river mouths and other coastal entrances and those used for the berthing of ships in harbours and offshore where harbour facilities are not available. Jettylike structures may be built out at intervals from the banks of rivers where a wide channel must be narrowed to concentrate the current and thus help maintain a navigable channel. These structures—variously termed spurs, spur dikes, and groins—may also be projected from the concave side of a river to retard bank erosion.

      Jetties of open-pile or impervious-masonry construction may be built on each side of a navigation channel immediately outside the entrances to docks that must be entered through locks. These structures, sometimes called lead-in jetties, form a funnel-shaped entrance to or exit from the lock. They serve to protect vessels from river or tidal currents and to provide temporary mooring facilities; if of solid construction, they may serve also as breakwaters.

      Entrance jetties are built at bay inlets, at entrances to harbours of the lagoon type, and at the mouths of rivers. They are also referred to as training jetties, because they “train,” or confine and direct, the currents so as to maintain the channel by promoting scour and extend farther into deep water where currents slacken and deposit silt and other transported material; they also protect such entrances from the disturbing effects of littoral currents, sand drift, and wave action. Entrance jetties are usually constructed in pairs, either parallel or converging toward the seaward ends, and are of several structural types.

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