/jaymz/, n.
1. Also called James the Great. one of the 12 apostles, the son of Zebedee and brother of the apostle John. Matt. 4:21.
2. the person identified in Gal. 1:19 as a brother of Jesus: probably the author of the Epistle of St. James.
3. Also called James the Less. ("James the son of Alphaeus") one of the 12 apostles. Matt. 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:15.
4. Alice, 1848-92, U.S. diarist, sister of Henry and William James.
5. Daniel, Jr. ("Chappie"), 1920-78, U.S. Air Force officer: first black general.
6. Henry, 1811-82, U.S. philosopher and author (father of Henry and William James).
7. Henry, 1843-1916, U.S. novelist and critic in England (brother of William James).
8. Jesse (Woodson) /wood"seuhn/, 1847-82, U.S. outlaw and legendary figure.
9. Will, 1892-1942, U.S. author and illustrator.
10. William, 1842-1910, U.S. psychologist and pragmatist philosopher (brother of Henry James).
11. a river flowing E from the W part of Virginia to Chesapeake Bay. 340 mi. (547 km) long.
12. a river flowing S from central North Dakota through South Dakota to the Missouri River. 710 mi. (1143 km) long.
13. one of the books of the New Testament. Abbr.: Jas.
14. a male given name.
[ME Jame(s) < OF < VL *Jacomus, for *Jacobus, alter. of LL Jacobus JACOB; cf. Sp Jaime, It Giacomo]

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(as used in expressions)
Agee James
Anderson James Maxwell
Baldwin James Arthur
Balfour of Whittingehame Arthur James 1st Earl
Ballard James Graham
Barrie Sir James Matthew
Beard James
James Pierson Beckwith
James Thomas Bell
Bennett James Gordon
Biddle James
Birney James Gillespie
Black Sir James Whyte
Blaine James Gillespie
James Hubert Blake
James Blanton
Boswell James
James Earl Breslin
James Bridger
Brooks James L.
Brown James
James Nathaniel Brown
Buchanan James
Cabell James Branch
Cagney James
Callaghan of Cardiff Leonard James Callaghan Baron
Cardigan James Thomas Brudenell 7th earl of
James Earl Carter
Cattell James McKeen
James Beauchamp Clark
Clark James H.
Cockburn Sir Alexander James Edmund 10th Baronet
Conant James Bryant
James Scott Connors
Cook James
Frank James Cooper
Cooper James Fenimore
Cox James Middleton
Craig Sir James Henry
Crichton James
Curley James Michael
Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives
Dalhousie James Andrew Broun Ramsay marquess of
Dana James Dwight
Dean James Byron
DeLancey James
Dewar Sir James
Dickey James Lafayette
William James Dixon
James Harold Doolittle
Douglas Sir James
Duke James Buchanan
Durant William James and Ariel
James Francis Durante
Duryea Charles Edgar and James Frank
Elgin James Bruce 8th earl of
Ensor James Sidney Baron
Farley James Aloysius
Farrell James Thomas
Robert James Fischer
Fisk James
Forrestal James Vincent
Fox Charles James
James Emory Foxx
Francis James Bicheno
Frazer Sir James George
Froude James Anthony
Fulbright James William
Gadsden James
Galway Sir James
Garfield James Abram
Geertz Clifford James
Gibson James Jerome
Glackens William James
Graves Robert James
Hall James
Hall Sir James
Hardie James Keir
Hargreaves James
Heckman James J.
Henderson James Fletcher
James Marshall Hendrix
James Maury Henson
Herne James A.
James Ahearn
Herrick James Bryan
Herriot James
James Alfred Wight
Hertzog James Barry Munnik
James Butler Hickok
Hill James Jerome
Hilton James Glen Trevor
James Riddle Hoffa
Hogg James
Howe James Wong
Hughes James Mercer Langston
Edward James Hughes
Hutton James
Iredell James
Ivory James Francis
James Edward the Old Pretender
James Francis Edward Stuart
James the Just
James the Conqueror
James Cyril Lionel Robert
James Harry Haag
James Henry
James Saint
James the Great
James William
Jeans Sir James Hopwood
Johnson James Price
Johnson James Weldon
Jones James Earl
James Warren Jones
Joule James Prescott
Joyce James Augustine Aloysius
Kempton James Murray
Kent James
Laughlin James
Lawrence James
Levine James Lawrence
Lind James
Logan James
Longstreet James
Lowell James Russell
James Melvin Lunceford
MacDonald James Ramsay
Mackenzie Sir James
Macleod John James Rickard
Madison James
Maine Sir Henry James Sumner
Mason James
Mason James Murray
Maxwell James Clerk
McCartney Sir James Paul
James Francis McHugh
Meredith James Howard
Merrill James Ingram
Michener James Albert
Mill James
Monmouth James Scott duke of
James Crofts
James Fitzroy
Monroe James
Montrose James Graham 5th earl and 1st marquess of
James Douglas Morrison
Morton James Douglas 4th earl of
Murray Sir James Augustus Henry
Edward James Muggeridge
Naismith James A.
Nasmyth James
Neilson James Beaumont
James Thiong'o Ngugi
Oglethorpe James Edward
Ormonde James Butler 12th earl and 1st duke of
Osborne John James
Otis James
James Cleveland Owens
Pacino Alfredo James
Paget Sir James
Penney James Cash
Polk James Knox
Quayle James Danforth
Raglan of Raglan FitzRoy James Henry Somerset 1st Baron
Rapier James Thomas
Ray James Earl
Reston James Barrett
Riley James Whitcomb
Robinson James Harvey
James Charles Rodgers
Rosenquist James
James Andrew Rushing
Simpson Orenthal James
Simpson Sir James Young
Stanhope James Stanhope 1st Earl
Stephen Sir James Fitzjames 1st Baronet
Stewart James Maitland
Stillman James
Stirling Sir James Frazer
James Ewell Brown Stuart
Sumner James Batcheller
James Francis Thorpe
Thurber James Grover
Thurmond James Strom
James Joseph Tunney
Van Der Zee James Augustus Joseph
Walker James John
Wallack James William
Watson James Dewey
Watt James
Weaver James Baird
Webb Sidney James and Beatrice
Whistler James Abbott McNeill
White James Springer and Ellen Gould
Wilkinson James
James Robert Wills
Wilson James Harold Baron Wilson of Rievaulx
Wilson James
Wolfe James
Audubon John James
James Jesse and James Frank
Jesse Woodson James and Alexander Franklin James

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