issueless, adj.issuer, n.
/ish"ooh/ or, esp. Brit., /is"yooh/, n., v., issued, issuing.
1. the act of sending out or putting forth; promulgation; distribution: the issue of food and blankets to flood victims.
2. something that is printed or published and distributed, esp. a given number of a periodical: Have you seen the latest issue of the magazine?
3. something that is sent out or put forth in any form.
4. a quantity of something that is officially offered for sale or put into circulation at one time: a new issue of commemorative stamps; a new bond issue.
5. a point in question or a matter that is in dispute, as between contending parties in an action at law.
6. a point, matter, or dispute, the decision of which is of special or public importance: the political issues.
7. a point the decision of which determines a matter: The real issue in the strike was the right to bargain collectively.
8. a point at which a matter is ready for decision: to bring a case to an issue.
9. something proceeding from any source, as a product, effect, result, or consequence: His words were the issue of an intelligent man.
10. the ultimate result, event, or outcome of a proceeding, affair, etc.: the issue of a contest.
11. a distribution of food rations, clothing, equipment, or ammunition to a number of officers or enlisted soldiers, or to a military unit.
12. offspring; progeny: to die without issue.
13. a going, coming, passing, or flowing out: free issue and entry.
14. a place or means of egress; outlet or exit.
15. something that comes out, as an outflowing stream.
16. Pathol.
a. a discharge of blood, pus, or the like.
b. an incision, ulcer, or the like, emitting such a discharge.
17. issues, Eng. Law. the profits from land or other property.
18. the printing of copies of a work from the original setting of type with some slight changes: the third issue of the poem.
19. Obs. a proceeding or action.
20. at issue,
a. being disputed or under discussion.
b. being at opposite viewpoints; in disagreement: Medical experts are still at issue over the proper use of tranquilizers.
21. join issue,
a. to enter into controversy or take exception to.
b. to submit an issue jointly for legal decision.
22. take issue, to disagree; dispute: He took issue with me on my proposal for a new advertising campaign.
23. to put out; deliver for use, sale, etc.; put into circulation.
24. to mint, print, or publish for sale or distribution: to issue a new coin; to issue a new book.
25. to distribute (food, clothing, etc.) to one or more officers or enlisted soldiers or to a military unit.
26. to send out; discharge; emit.
27. to go, pass, or flow out; come forth; emerge: to issue forth to battle.
28. to be sent, put forth, or distributed authoritatively or publicly, as a legal writ or money.
29. to be published, as a book.
30. to originate or proceed from any source.
31. to arise as a result or consequence; result: a reaction that issues from the stimulus.
32. Chiefly Law. to proceed as offspring, or be born or descended.
33. Chiefly Law. to come as a yield or profit, as from land.
34. Archaic. to have the specified outcome, result, etc. (often fol. by in).
35. Obs. to end; terminate.
[1275-1325; (n.) ME < MF: place or passage out; OF (e)issue < VL *exuta, n. use of fem. of *exutus, L exitus EXIT; (v.) ME issuen, deriv. of the n., or < MF, OF (e)issu, ptp. of issir to go out ( L exire); see EXIT]
Syn. 2. copy, edition, printing. 5-7. crux. 6, 7. problem, question. 10. upshot, conclusion, end. 27. See emerge. 30. flow, emanate, arise, spring. 31. ensue.
Ant. 27. return.

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