isobarism, n.
/uy"seuh bahr'/, n.
1. Meteorol. a line drawn on a weather map or chart that connects points at which the barometric pressure is the same.
2. Also, isobare /uy"seuh bair'/. Physics, Chem. one of two or more atoms having equal atomic weights but different atomic numbers. Cf. isotope.
[1860-65; < Gk isobarés of equal weight. See ISO-, BARO-]

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      line on a weather map of constant barometric pressure (atmospheric pressure) drawn on a given reference surface. The isobaric pattern on a constant-height surface is extremely useful in weather forecasting because of the close association between pressure and weather. Regions of low pressure at sea level tend to be areas of bad weather, especially in winter. At higher elevations the wind blows approximately parallel to the isobars, with low pressure to the left in the Northern Hemisphere and to the right in the Southern Hemisphere with respect to the direction of air movement; the closer together the isobars are, the stronger is the wind speed. Only sea-level pressure patterns are routinely used in meteorology. At higher elevations pressure itself is used to define the reference surface upon which contours of the height above sea level are drawn; dynamically, the height contours of a constant pressure surface are completely analogous to the isobars of a constant-height surface.

      in nuclear physics, any member of a group of atomic or nuclear species all of which have the same mass number—that is, the same total number of protons and neutrons. Thus, chlorine-37 and argon-37 are isobars. Chlorine-37 has 17 protons and 20 neutrons in its nucleus, whereas argon-37 has a nucleus comprising 18 protons and 19 neutrons. In beta decay, mother and daughter nuclei are always isobars, because either a neutron is converted to a proton or a proton is converted to a neutron in the process.

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