insertable, adj.inserter, n.
v. /in serrt"/; n. /in"serrt/, v.t.
1. to put or place in: to insert a key in a lock.
2. to introduce or cause to be introduced into the body of something: to insert an extra paragraph in an article.
3. something inserted or to be inserted.
4. an extra leaf or section, printed independently, for binding or tipping into a book or periodical, esp. a leaf or section consisting of an illustration or advertisement printed on different paper.
5. any small picture, device, etc., surrounded partly or completely by body type.
6. a paper, circular, etc., placed within the folds of a newspaper or the leaves of a book, periodical, etc.
7. Motion Pictures, Television. a cut-in.
[1520-30; < L insertus ptp. of inserere to put in, insert, equiv. to in- IN-2 + ser- (s. of serere to link together) + -tus ptp. suffix]

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