ambage [am′bij]
pl. ambages [am′bi jiz΄; am bā′jēz΄]< ME ambages (taken as pl.), intentional ambiguity < MFr < L < amb-, around + agere, to goArchaic
1. a winding pathway usually used in pl.
2. [pl.] roundabout, indirect ways of talking or doing things
ambagious [ambā′jəs]

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am·bage (ămʹbĭj) n. Archaic
1. Ambiguity. Often used in the plural.
2. ambages Winding ways or indirect proceedings.
  [Back-formation from Middle English ambages, equivocation, from Latin ambāges: amb-, ambi-, around; see ambi- + agere, to drive; See ag-.   am·baʹgious (ăm-bāʹjəs) adj.

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