/in/, prep., adv., adj., n., v., inned, inning.
1. (used to indicate inclusion within space, a place, or limits): walking in the park.
2. (used to indicate inclusion within something abstract or immaterial): in politics; in the autumn.
3. (used to indicate inclusion within or occurrence during a period or limit of time): in ancient times; a task done in ten minutes.
4. (used to indicate limitation or qualification, as of situation, condition, relation, manner, action, etc.): to speak in a whisper; to be similar in appearance.
5. (used to indicate means): sketched in ink; spoken in French.
6. (used to indicate motion or direction from outside to a point within) into: Let's go in the house.
7. (used to indicate transition from one state to another): to break in half.
8. (used to indicate object or purpose): speaking in honor of the event.
9. in that, because; inasmuch as: In that you won't have time for supper, let me give you something now.
10. in or into some place, position, state, relation, etc.: Please come in.
11. on the inside; within.
12. in one's house or office.
13. in office or power.
14. in possession or occupancy.
15. having the turn to play, as in a game.
16. Baseball. (of an infielder or outfielder) in a position closer to home plate than usual; short: The third baseman played in, expecting a bunt.
17. on good terms; in favor: He's in with his boss, but he doubts it will last.
18. in vogue; in style: He says straw hats will be in this year.
19. in season: Watermelons will soon be in.
20. be in for, to be bound to undergo something, esp. a disagreeable experience: We are in for a long speech.
21. in for it, Slang. about to suffer chastisement or unpleasant consequences, esp. of one's own actions or omissions: I forgot our anniversary again, and I'll be in for it now. Also, Brit., for it.
22. in with, on friendly terms with; familiar or associating with: They are in with all the important people.
23. located or situated within; inner; internal: the in part of a mechanism.
24. Informal.
a. in favor with advanced or sophisticated people; fashionable; stylish: the in place to dine; Her new novel is the in book to read this summer.
b. comprehensible only to a special or ultrasophisticated group: an in joke.
25. well-liked; included in a favored group.
26. inward; incoming; inbound: an in train.
27. plentiful; available.
28. being in power, authority, control, etc.: a member of the in party.
29. playing the last nine holes of an eighteen-hole golf course (opposed to out): His in score on the second round was 34.
30. Usually, ins. persons in office or political power (distinguished from outs).
31. a member of the political party in power: The election made him an in.
32. pull or influence; a social advantage or connection: He's got an in with the senator.
33. (in tennis, squash, handball, etc.) a return or service that lands within the in-bounds limits of a court or section of a court (opposed to out).
v.t. Brit. Dial.
34. to enclose.
[bef. 900; 1925-30 for def. 32; ME, OE; c. G, D, OFris, OS, Goth in, ON i, L in, Gk en, Lith i]

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