Icenic /uy see"nik/, adj.
/uy see"nuy/, n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
an ancient Celtic tribe of eastern England, whose queen, Boadicea, headed an insurrection against the Romans in A.D. 61.

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      in ancient Britain, a tribe that occupied the territory of present-day Norfolk and Suffolk and, under its queen Boudicca (Boadicea), revolted against Roman rule.

      The Iceni made a treaty with the Romans at the time of Claudius's invasion of Britain (AD 43), but they rebelled in 47 when the Romans attempted to disarm them. After quelling the revolt, the Romans controlled the Iceni through a complaisant client king, Prasutagus, until his death (AD 60–61). When the Romans then attempted to annex his realm, his queen, Boudicca, led a revolt of all East Anglia. The Britons were initially successful, but ultimately the Romans suppressed the rebellion harshly and reduced the Iceni to a small tribal community, or civitas, with its capital at Venta Icenorum (present-day Caistor St. Edmunds, near Norwich). The tribe's economy was largely agricultural, with a thriving local pottery industry and evidence of trade in wool. The area was not poor, however, and excavators have discovered, for example, a series of silver and gold hoards at Mildenhall and Thetford (dating from the 2nd to the 4th century). German invaders found settlements in the early 5th century and began the era of Anglo-Saxon England.

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