hoister, n.
/hoyst/ or, sometimes, /huyst/, v.t.
1. to raise or lift, esp. by some mechanical appliance: to hoist a flag; to hoist the mainsail.
2. to raise to one's lips and drink; drink (esp. beer or whiskey) with gusto: Let's go hoist a few beers.
3. Archaic. a pt. and pp. of hoise.
4. hoist with or by one's own petard. See petard (def. 4).
5. an apparatus for hoisting, as a block and tackle, a derrick, or a crane.
6. act of hoisting; a lift: Give that sofa a hoist at your end.
7. Naut.
a. the vertical dimension amidships of any square sail that is hoisted with a yard. Cf. drop (def. 28).
b. the distance between the hoisted and the lowered position of such a yard.
c. the dimension of a fore-and-aft sail along the luff.
d. a number of flags raised together as a signal.
8. (on a flag)
a. the vertical dimension as flown from a vertical staff.
b. the edge running next to the staff. Cf. fly (def. 36b).
[1540-50; later var. of HOISE, with -t as in AGAINST, etc.]
Syn. 1. elevate. See raise.
Ant. 1. lower.

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▪ mechanical device
      mechanical device used primarily for raising and lowering heavy loads but occasionally for moving objects horizontally. It usually consists of a block and tackle—a combination of one or more fixed pulleys, a moving pulley with a hook or other similar means of attaching loads, and a rope (or cable) between them. Motive power for a hoist may be either manual or supplied by an electric motor. Electrically powered hoists, commonly mounted to the floor or wall, are used for varied lifting and hauling operations in factories and warehouses. See also block and tackle.

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