heterophonic /het'euhr euh fon"ik/, adj.
/het'euh rof"euh nee/, n. Music.
the simultaneous performance of the same melodic line, with slight individual variations, by two or more performers.
[1940-45; HETERO- + -PHONY]

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      in music, texture resulting from simultaneous performances of melodic variants of the same tune, typical of Middle Eastern practices as well as of a vast array of folk music. Balkan Slavic epic singers, for example, accompany themselves heterophonically on the gusle (fiddle). In Persian art music, instrumentalists are expected to vary the singers' improvised lines. A complex heterophony, with different types of variation assigned to different instruments, characterizes the gamelan (tuned percussion orchestra) music of Indonesia. Medieval European monophonic song (unharmonized melody), too, appears to have been heterophonically accompanied on many occasions. Heterophony also occurs in jazz, especially of the Dixieland and Chicago varieties.

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