/hen"ree/, n., pl. henries, henrys. Elect.
the SI unit of inductance, formally defined to be the inductance of a closed circuit in which an electromotive force of one volt is produced when the electric current in the circuit varies uniformly at a rate of one ampere per second. Abbr.: H
[1890-95; named after J. HENRY]

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(as used in expressions)
Henry Louis Aaron
Adams Henry Brooks
Arnold Henry Harley
Ashley William Henry
Asquith Herbert Henry 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith
Chesney Henry Baker
Barnard Henry
Beatty Henry Warren
Henry Warren Beaty
Beecher Henry Ward
Beerbohm Sir Henry Maximilian
Belter John Henry
Bentinck William Henry Cavendish Lord
Bessemer Sir Henry
Bethune Henry Norman
Beveridge of Tuggal William Henry 1st Baron
Henry McCarty
Blair Henry William
Bolingbroke Henry Saint John 1st Viscount
Bragg Sir William Henry
Campbell Bannerman Sir Henry
Henry Campbell
Carson of Duncairn Edward Henry Baron
Cavendish Henry
Churchill Randolph Henry Spencer Lord
Clay Henry
Clinton Sir Henry
Cort Henry
Cowell Henry Dixon
Craig Edward Henry Gordon
Craig Sir James Henry
Crumb George Henry
Dana Richard Henry
Darnley Henry Stewart Lord
Dearborn Henry
Dow Herbert Henry
Dreyfuss Henry
Eccles William Henry
Ellis Henry Havelock
Emerson Peter Henry
Evans Frederick Henry
Evans George Henry
Fielding Henry
Flagler Henry Morrison
Fonda Henry Jaynes
Ford Henry
Fowler Henry Watson
Frick Henry Clay
Fuseli Henry
Garnet Henry Highland
Gary Elbert Henry
William Henry Gates III
Gates Henry Louis Jr.
Gehrig Henry Louis
George Henry
Goren Charles Henry
Grattan Henry
Henry Benjamin Greenberg
Greene Charles Sumner and Henry Mather
Greene Henry Graham
Haggard Sir Henry Rider
Halleck Henry Wager
Harriman Edward Henry
Harrison William Henry
Heinz Henry John
Robert Henry Cozad
Henry Plantagenet
Henry of Anjou
Henry Bolingbroke
Henry of Navarra
Henry Tudor earl of Richmond
Henry Cape
Henry Joseph
Henry O.
Henry Patrick
Hildebrand Joel Henry
John Henry Holliday
Hooper Franklin Henry
Hudson Henry
Huxley Thomas Henry
Hyndman Henry Mayers
Ireton Henry
Irving Sir Henry
John Henry Brodribb
Jackson William Henry
James Henry
Kaiser Henry John
William Henry Pratt
Kissinger Henry Alfred
Knox Henry
La Guardia Fiorello Henry
Landseer Sir Edwin Henry
Latrobe Benjamin Henry
Lawes Henry and William
Le Châtelier Henry Louis
Lee Henry
Lee Richard Henry
Leland Henry Martyn
Henry Carter
Liddell Hart Sir Basil Henry
Lodge Henry Cabot
Loesser Frank Henry
Longfellow Henry Wadsworth
Luce Henry Robinson
Maine Sir Henry James Sumner
Mancini Henry
Manning Henry Edward
Maudslay Henry
Maupassant Henry René Albert Guy de
Mayhew Henry
Mencken Henry Louis
Miller Henry Valentine
Montherlant Henry Marie Joseph Millon de
Moore Henry
Morgan Lewis Henry
Morgan Sir Henry
Morgenthau Henry Jr.
Murray Sir James Augustus Henry
Newman John Henry
Northampton Henry Howard earl of
O'Hara John Henry
Pelham Henry
Perot Henry Ross
Purcell Henry
Raeburn Sir Henry
Raglan of Raglan FitzRoy James Henry Somerset 1st Baron
Richardson Henry Handel
Richardson Henry Hobson
Robinson Henry Peach
Schiff Jacob Henry
Schoolcraft Henry Rowe
Richard Henry Sellers
Seward William Henry
Shackleton Sir Ernest Henry
Sheridan Philip Henry
Shreve Henry Miller
Sidgwick Henry
Sorby Henry Clifton
Southampton Henry Wriothesley 3rd earl of
Stanley Sir Henry Morton
Starling Ernest Henry
Stiegel Henry William
Stimson Henry Lewis
Sturtevant Alfred Henry
Sullivan Louis Henry
Surrey Henry Howard earl of
Talbot William Henry Fox
Tanner Henry Ossawa
Tawney Richard Henry
Thomas George Henry
Thoreau Henry David
Vane Sir Henry
Sir Henry Vane the Younger
Vaughan Henry
Villard Henry
Wallace Henry Agard
Welch William Henry
Wilson Colin Henry
Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby 1st Viscount
Bulwer Sir William Henry Lytton Earle
Holland of Foxley and of Holland Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron
Lansdowne Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice 5th marquess of
Palmerston of Palmerston Henry John Temple 3rd Viscount

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▪ king of Portugal [1512-80]
byname  Henry the Cardinal-King,  Portuguese  Henrique o Cardeal-Rei 
born Jan. 31, 1512, Lisbon
died Jan. 31, 1580, Almeirim, Port.

      king of Portugal and Roman Catholic ecclesiastic whose brief reign (1578–80) was dominated by the problem of succession. His failure to decisively designate a successor left the Portuguese throne at his death prey to its Spanish claimant, King Philip II.

      Henry, son of Manuel I, chose a career in the church and became, successively, archbishop of Braga (1534), Évora (1540), and Lisbon (1544), attaining the rank of cardinal in 1545. For a time he headed the Portuguese Inquisition. He also became a staunch supporter of the Society of Jesus and founded the Jesuit university in Évora (1558).

      Henry served as regent until 1568 in the latter part of the minority of his grandnephew Sebastian (reigned 1557–78). After Sebastian's death in a disastrous defeat by the Moors at Alcazarquivir (Battle of the Three Kings), the aged, celibate Henry was named king. Unable to resolve the succession question, he named five governors to act as regents on his death. Spanish occupation eight months later put Philip on the throne.

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