hemipodan /heuh mip"euh dn/, adj.
/hem"i pohd'/, n.
[1860-65; < NL Hemipodius name of the genus < Gk hemipod- (s. of hemípous) half-foot. See HEMI-, -POD]

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      (Greek: “half foot”), generally any bird of the suborder Turnices (order Gruiformes), which includes the plains wanderer (q.v.; family Pedionomidae), the button quail, and the lark quail (family Turnicidae), but especially Turnix species, such as the Andalusian hemipode, or striped button quail, T. sylvatica (see button quail). With the exception of the collared hemipode, also called plains wanderer, hemipodes lack the hind toe (hallux), having only three toes; hence the name hemipode.

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