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  • Dichotomist — Di*chot o*mist, n. One who dichotomizes. Bacon. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dichotomist — noun Date: circa 1592 one that dichotomizes …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dichotomist — di·chot·o·mist …   English syllables

  • dichotomist — dīˈkäd.əmə̇st, ätə sometimes də̇ˈ noun ( s) Etymology: Greek dichotomia dichotomy + English ist : one that dichotomizes : dualist …   Useful english dictionary

  • dichotomize — dichotomist /duy kot euh mist/, n. dichotomistic, adj. dichotomization, n. /duy kot euh muyz /, v., dichotomized, dichotomizing. v.t. 1. to divide or separate into two parts, kinds, etc. v.i. 2. to become divided into two parts; form a dichotomy …   Universalium

  • Mahayana sutras — Mahāyāna Buddhism …   Wikipedia

  • Buddhist texts — Chinese Song Period Maha prajna paramita Sutra Page, Nantoyōsō Collection, Japan Buddhist texts can be categorized in a number of ways. The Western terms scripture and canonical are applied to Buddhism in inconsistent ways by Western scholars:… …   Wikipedia

  • dichotomization — See dichotomist. * * * …   Universalium

  • dichotomise — [c]/daɪˈkɒtəmaɪz/ (say duy kotuhmuyz) verb (dichotomised, dichotomising) –verb (t) 1. to divide or separate into two parts. 2. to divide into pairs. –verb (i) 3. to be or become separated or divided into two parts. Also, dichotomize. –dichotomist …   Australian-English dictionary

  • dichotomize — [dī kät′ə mīz΄] vt. dichotomized, dichotomizing [see DICHOTOMY & IZE] to divide or separate into two parts vi. to undergo or exhibit dichotomy dichotomist [dī kät′əmist] n. dichotomization n …   English World dictionary

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