/hev"ee wayt'/, adj.
1. heavy in weight.
2. of more than average weight or thickness: a coat of heavyweight material.
3. noting or pertaining to a boxer, wrestler, etc., of the heaviest competitive class, esp. a professional boxer weighing more than 175 lb. (79.4 kg).
4. of or pertaining to the weight class or division of such boxers: a heavyweight bout.
5. (of a riding horse, esp. a hunter) able to carry up to 205 lb. (93 kg).
6. designating a person, company, nation, or other entity that is extremely powerful, influential, or important: a team of heavyweight lawyers.
7. a person of more than average weight.
8. a heavyweight boxer or wrestler.
9. a person, company, nation, or other entity that is powerful and influential: a price hike initiated by the heavyweights in the industry.
[1850-55; HEAVY + WEIGHT]

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