hearthless, adj.
/hahrth/, n.
1. the floor of a fireplace, usually of stone, brick, etc., often extending a short distance into a room.
2. home; fireside: the joys of family and hearth.
3. Metall.
a. the lower part of a blast furnace, cupola, etc., in which the molten metal collects and from which it is tapped out. See diag. under blast furnace.
b. the part of an open hearth, reverberatory furnace, etc., upon which the charge is placed and melted down or refined.
4. a brazier or chafing dish for burning charcoal.
[bef. 900; ME herth(e), OE he(o)rth; c. G Herd, D haard]
Syn. 2. household, abode, house.

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