hazardable, adj.hazarder, n.hazardless, adj.
/haz"euhrd/, n.
1. an unavoidable danger or risk, even though often foreseeable: The job was full of hazards.
2. something causing unavoidable danger, peril, risk, or difficulty: the many hazards of the big city.
3. the absence or lack of predictability; chance; uncertainty: There is an element of hazard in the execution of the most painstaking plans.
4. Golf. a bunker, sand trap, or the like, constituting an obstacle.
5. the uncertainty of the result in throwing a die.
6. a game played with two dice, an earlier and more complicated form of craps.
7. Court Tennis. any of the winning openings.
8. (in English billiards) a stroke by which the player pockets the object ball (winning hazard) or his or her own ball after contact with another ball (losing hazard).
9. at hazard, at risk; at stake; subject to chance: His reputation was at hazard in his new ventures.
10. to offer (a statement, conjecture, etc.) with the possibility of facing criticism, disapproval, failure, or the like; venture: He hazarded a guess, with trepidation, as to her motives in writing the article.
11. to put to the risk of being lost; expose to risk: In making the investment, he hazarded all his savings.
12. to take or run the risk of (a misfortune, penalty, etc.): Thieves hazard arrest.
13. to venture upon (anything of doubtful issue): to hazard a dangerous encounter.
[1250-1300; ME hasard < OF, perh. < Ar al-zahr the die]
Syn. 1. See danger. 3. accident, fortuity, fortuitousness. 11. stake, endanger, peril, imperil.
Ant. 1. safety.

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      city, seat of Perry county, southeastern Kentucky, U.S. It lies on the North Fork Kentucky River in the Cumberland foothills just east of Daniel Boone National Forest (Redbird Purchase Unit), 118 miles (190 km) southeast of Lexington. Founded in 1821, it was originally named for the American naval hero Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry (Perry, Oliver Hazard). The town was usually referred to as Hazard, however, and in 1854 it was officially renamed Hazard. Growth was retarded by the long blood feud between the French and Eversole families; the worst gun battle occurred in Hazard in 1888, when 12 men were killed. The arrival of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in 1912 boosted development of local resources (coal, oil, natural gas, and timber). Hazard annexed the adjacent community of Lothair in 1965. Hazard Community College, part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, opened in 1968. Inc. town, 1832; city, 1884. Pop. (1990) 5,416; (2000) 4,806.

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